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Every year, your ASU hosts a full day conference for Workplace Representatives and Active Members. The conference includes education sessions with leading guest presenters from across Australia, special guest speakers and active participation from you!

We also coordinate Industry Forum days where members from your industry come together to discuss how our Union can be active in the future of your specific industry.

Upcoming Conferences and Forums

2015 ASU Member Conference

ASU members from all major industries will come together on Friday November 13 2015 for the union’s 2015 Member Conference.

Start: 13-Nov-2015   End: 13-Nov-2015  

ASU Social and Community Services Roundtable

Join ASU Secretary Joseph Scales + Assistant Secretary Abbie Spencer
to discuss the important issues facing SACS workers today

Start: 27-Feb-2015   End: 27-Feb-2015  

ASU Local Government Roundtable

Start: 01-May-2015   End: 01-May-2015  


Start: 27-Jul-2015   End: 27-Jul-2015  

ASU Energy Roundtable

The first ASU Energy Roundtable will be held on Friday July 31 2015.

This is going to be a huge day for Energy members.

Start: 31-Jul-2015   End: 31-Jul-2015  

International Women’s Day ASU Breakfast March 8 2016

This year to celebrate International Women's Day the ASU is hosting a special breakfast for ASU women in Adelaide.

Start: 8-Mar-2016   End: 8-Mar-2016  

SACS Roundtable March 18 2016

ASU members working in Community Services - are you coming to our 2nd SACS Roundtable in March?

Start: 18-Mar-2016   End: 18-Mar-2016