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ASU education is fun, informative and friendly. You get to meet members from other areas of your Union, share experiences and learn new skills and ways of involving your work mates in workplace and industry issues and strategies. Your ASU Office can also run any special course which would be useful to you and other ASU members at your workplace or in your industry.

Some of the regular courses include Workplace Reps Stage 1 and Stage 2, Bargaining in Your Workplace and Work Health and Safety


All ASU members in the Darwin area (or who can get to Darwin on this date) are encouraged to join us for a member and Workplace Rep training day on Monday 27 July 2015.

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Bargaining in your workplace

This two-day Stage 1 course will give you an understanding of enterprise bargaining principles and processes and the role of ASU Workplace Representatives in negotiations.

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HSR Training

Newly elected HSRs are invited to register for a 5 day level 1 course that introduces you to your role and responsibilities under the WHS Act. You are legally entitled to attend this training in paid time.

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Workplace Rep Training

ASU Workplace Representatives (WPRs) are the face of your ASU in the workplace and play a vital role in providing timely accurate information and assistance directly to members. It is empowering, fun and you can choose the level of involvement which best suits you, however the more you get involved the more you learn and can share with others

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How to Register

Download and fill in the attached Registration Form and email or fax back to us at 08 8363 2225.