Who we are

    • We are working people who have joined together in union.

    • You meet us every day. We do vital work.

    • We are the people who run your local council, your library, your local swimming pool and community centre.

    • We look after people who are doing it tough.

    • We support people living with disability and chronic illness.

    • We work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

    • We serve you as a customer at the airport check in, and over the credit union counter.

    • We produce and maintain your electricity supply.

    • We are your lawyers and paralegals.

    • We work in call centres answering your queries.

    • We assist Members of Parliament and their constituents.

    • We make sure offices everywhere run smoothly and efficiently.

    • We live and work in capital cities, as well as in regional centres and remote communities. Our workplaces span Australia – from the Northern lands to the Southern coastline.

    • We are as diverse as the people we serve and strive always to be inclusive.

    • We proudly serve you - our clients, customers and community.

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