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We surveyed our members and asked them to tell us what being a union member means to them, and why others should join the ASU.

“The most important benefit of your Union membership is that you are part of a collective. This gives you bargaining power and the support of experienced Union officers.

“Being an ASU member means working with your co-workers, ASU Workplace Representatives, staff and leadership team to

• achieve fairness

• secure and maintain decent wages and conditions

• build a positive work environment

• resolve issues

• achieve industry standards.

“Being an ASU member means you are never alone.

“Being an ASU member is about working together to improve your future.

“Independent studies show that workers on Union Agreements get significantly better wages and conditions.

“As an ASU member you have access to high quality services and representation when you are dealing with industrial and legal issues at work.

“You can help to improve wages and working conditions at your workplace by becoming more actively involved in your Union.