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AGL Attempts to Avoid Redundancies in Offshoring – Information and Advice

ASU Team - Monday, August 17, 2015

As you know, AGL is in the process of offshoring 70% of Care Volume which means the loss of 130 FTE positions across Adelaide and Melbourne leaving a higher and more complex workload for those left behind.  The company has said they will reduce the positions through attrition, giving the impression that no one will be disadvantaged or forcibly lose their job.

The ASU now understands that mid- September is the target date for achieving these staff reductions.

Starting last week, there has been a noticeable increase to the frequency and intensity of Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and disciplinary meetings between staff and management.

We believe this is directly linked to offshoring and AGL is deliberately applying pressure on employees in an effort to encourage them to leave the business and thus avoiding the payment of redundancies.

Under your agreement, where a change results in having “too many” or “unnecessary positions”, management are required to consult, redeploy staff, offer voluntary redundancies or provide for involuntary redundancies.

If staff chose to leave of their own accord, the company doesn’t have to offer any of these options and gets away with off-shoring at a very cheap rate!

Don’t be pressured into leaving- know your rights!

You have workplace rights in the event your are ever called in for a disciplinary meeting, these include;

  • The right to being represented
  • The right to demand that any allegations made against you are given to you in writing
  • The right to being provided with sufficient time to respond to any allegations
  • The right to call a halt to any meeting where your employer raises any allegations that you have not been previously advised of in writing
  • The right to counseling, formal warnings and processes of investigation, and chance to respond to these
  • If you are dismissed unfairly, you also have the right to lodge an unfair dismissal claim

The ASU has written to AGL seeking the details of the offshoring process in writing. We are also seeking a commitment from the company to meet its obligations to redeploy staff or offer redundancies. If you are an ASU member we can also provide individual advice and support.

This is a good time to join the union. It’s easy on line - - or just fill in the form on the back and give it to your ASU reps Ros and Joel.

Your ASU organiser is Darryl Anthony who can be contacted at  or on 8363 2225. 

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