Action on Climate Change

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Action on Climate Change

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We don't have a choice: Australia must act on climate change. The changes happening now to the climate are real and impacts all Australians - so we must act.

And unions have an important role to play in this process.

As a major energy industry union, the ASU has been campaigning for a Just Transition for workers in high-carbon energy generation and the communities reliant upon these industries, as we work to meet the challenges of climate change.

In 2015 ASU members were confronted by the crisis of a lack of a transition strategy with the sudden closure of the coal-fired power stations owned by Alinta Energy in Port Augusta. We don’t ever want to see a repeat of this crisis.

We need to ensure that job creation and action on climate change are closely connected.

The ASU continues to work with governments, employers, energy workers and environmental activists to ensure we achieve real action on climate change and a Just Transition for all Australians working in high-polluting industries.