Call Centres


The Call Centre industry is a major employer in Australia and an integral part of our nation's economy.

The ASU represents Call Centre workers across all of SA and NT. We are active in ensuring the Call Centre industry is a safe, healthy and productive one.

We want to make sure all Call Centre workers enjoy the same high level working conditions and that all workers are being valued and paid fairly.

The ASU has worked alongside thousands of Call Centre workers in Australia to develop a Code of Practice and a guide to Occupational Health and Safety, as well as the introduction of a Contract Call Centre Award.

We know however, that there is a lot more work to be done to improve your working conditions. For example, we continue to campaign alongside members to ensure Call Centre jobs stay in Australia and you have job security.  We are also alert to the issue of excessive over-monitoring and the long term health impact this has on workers.

We can only achieve fairer conditions in your workplace if we work together -  so why not join now or become more active in your Union today?