Community Services


The ASU is the Community Services Union.

The Community and Disability sector is made up of thousands of dedicated and skilled non-government sector workers.

The ASU represents workers across all of SA and NT. ASU members work in policy and advocacy, in community development, in front line service delivery, with people with a disability, in domestic violence services, in refuges, group homes, homeless services, neighbourhood centres and community legal centres, with young people and people who are often the most marginalised in our communities.

The people who work in the Community and Disability sector make our communities and society fairer and more inclusive. They work for large charities and small NGOs. They are highly skilled, highly qualified and essential in our communities.

In recent years ASU members lead a nation-wide campaign for a safe and sustainable community sector including the campaign for equal pay. As a result of this campaign, we have finally begun to see wage increases of 19% to 41% for Community and Disability Services workers.

If you work in Community and Disability Services and are not yet a member – join the ASU today.

There is so much more work for us to do together to ensure a strong and sustainable sector – join today to be part of the future of your industry.