The ASU is Australia's largest union in the energy/electricity industry.

The ASU has been a feature of the Australian energy industry since its inception, through local government authorities and state enterprises, and we have a proud history of ensuring our members enjoy superior benefits.

ASU members work in a variety of fields.  Every time you turn on an electric switch, visit an automatic teller machine, walk into an air conditioned room, watch television or even use your computer, an ASU member has been part of the process of delivering energy to you.

Whatever the award, enterprise agreement or other document that outlines your conditions of employment, superannuation, wages and salaries, occupational health and safety and more, the ASU has been part of the negotiations to establish your benefits.  

Be part of maintaining strong conditions and entitlements and have a voice in the future of the Energy sector through the ASU – join now or become more active in your Union.