Local Government

Local Government        

The ASU covers all ‘inside’ local government staff, while the AWU covers all the ‘outside’ local government staff who work out of the depots.

Our local government members work in Councils and Shires across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

We have been there alongside local government workers for over 100 years.

Our branch has a dedicated Local Government team and we continue to have a strong focus on working with members in each Council whilst at the same time fostering a whole of industry approach.

The ASU assists members to improve their wages and conditions through collective bargaining, to address ongoing issues through their workplace consultative and Work Health and Safety committees, and to successfully resolve individual or collective issues that arise from time to time.

ASU members’ success is evident in the good working conditions and wages that can be found in your industry.

Encouraging active workplace participation and developing and supporting leaders is critical to achieving good outcomes in Local Government. We are continuing to find new ways to engage local government industry stakeholders in building a vibrant network that benefits the needs of members in Local Government.

Be part of maintaining strong conditions and entitlements and have a voice in the future of local government through your Union by joining now.