AIM - ASU Indigenous Members

ASU Indigenous Members (AIM) share unique workplace issues and interests. There are many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members working in industries covered by the ASU around Australia.

Particularly through the Community Services and Local Government industries, the ASU has many Indigenous members and potential members across South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The ASU is committed to genuinely engaging our ATSI members and potential members and identifying how we can better work with your unique workplace issues and objectives.

The ASU nationally shares this commitment – read more about this here.

The ASU has been active in the work of SA Unions and the ACTU including representation and participation through relevant Indigenous Committees, sponsorship of Indigenous Workers Conferences and commitment to trial and establish better initiatives to engage ATSI workers in their Union.

In May 2014 the ASU invited four members to participate in the ACTU National Indigenous Conference in Adelaide. Two members from Adelaide, one from Alice Springs, and one from Darwin, attended the weeklong conference – working alongside other ATSI Unionists from across Australia to identify ways the Labour movement we can better engage with ATSI workers, potential members and employers.

In May 2015 we held our first Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Roundtable. Twenty ASU members who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander met to discuss ways the Union can better support Indigenous workers and their communities. The ASU is a member-led organisation and it is vital that our Indigenous members inform the ASU leadership team on the issues that matter most to them. A working party of members has now been established to identify specific issues for the union to focus on in the future, and we will promote these issues in the broader Union movement. The working party is due to report back in September 2015.

For more information contact your ASU Secretary Joseph Scales or ASU Organiser Corey Ah Chee on 08 8363 1322 or at