Awards & Agreements

Most workers' wages and working conditions are determined by industrial Awards. These are legally binding documents which usually apply across an industry or a range of employers and which provide workers with 'bottom line' protection. Your wages and working conditions are not simply provided for you by your employer or the Government. Unions fought hard for awards. We continue to fight to ensure that Award wages are improved, that Awards are kept up to date and that your hard-won conditions are not reduced by hositle Governments.

Enterprise Agreements

Many workers are also covered by Enterprise Agreements (also known as Certified Agreements). These are employer-specific agreements which are negotiated directly between workers (and their Unions) and employers. They often include improvements to wages and working conditions above and beyond Awards. If your employer is talking about enterprise bargaining you should contact the Union Office for advice.

Many Awards and Enterprise Agreements are now available on the internet.

Federal Awards and Agreements, including NT Awards and Agreements can be found at

State Awards and Agreements (for ASU members, mainly only relevant for Local Government in SA) can be found at

If you would like to discuss your Award or Agreement, get more information or need assistance in tracking one down, please contact your ASU office on 08 8363 1322.