GLAM - ASU Gay & Lesbian Members

What is GLAM?

GLAM was formed in Adelaide in 1999 under the leadership of Former Secretary John Gazzola, after the ASU National Conference agreed “each Branch of the of the ASU convene an inaugural meeting of Lesbian and Gay members to develop a policy that supports the rights of Lesbian and Gay ASU members to a safe and inclusive workplace and a union free of discrimination”.

The Gay and Lesbian ASU Members (GLAM) Network is made up of LGBTI members of the Australian Services Union who choose to be actively involved in their Union.

Being actively involved can include:

• Participating in the GLAM Network and attending GLAM meetings.

• Being on the GLAM Network mailing list and reading Union material.

• Participating in activities and campaigns organised by the GLAM Network.

• Distributing materials in your workplace.

• Supporting other Gay and Lesbian members in your workplace or in other workplaces as appropriate. 

Our Union understands that the capacity, ability or willingness of LGBTI members to be actively involved in the affairs of our Union varies from one member to another.

Why have a LGBTI members Network?

Despite the fact that there are anti discrimination laws in this country, LGBTI workers are still legally discriminated against in many industries and sections of the workforce. Superannuation, workers’ compensation benefits and death and disability payments are denied to same-sex partners and their families. And some same-sex partners are not entitled to bereavement and compassionate leave that heterosexual workers have access to.

On top of all this, LGBTI workers still experience harassment and feel unsafe in many workplaces even though this is prohibited by legislation. Just recently one of our Workplace Reps was called an offensive homophobic name by a colleague while at work. This still happens! And this has to stop!

How do I get involved in GLAM?

The GLAM Network will soon be meeting regularly again at the ASU office in Kent Town, Adelaide. All LGBTI ASU members are welcome to come along. We also welcome LGBTI members of other unions, particularly those who are keen to establish similar groups within their own Union.

Our meetings are informal and friendly. We might arrange guest speakers, special events and hear reports from Union members about activities in their workplace.

The GLAM Network is a flexible group which allows LGBTI members to participate as they choose. If you would like to join the GLAM Network or receive GLAM Network material, please contact the ASU office on 08 8363 1322.