Work Health and Safety


Work Health Safety – An ASU priority

Every worker has the right to a safe and healthy work environment – it is a core human and industrial right. This principle is at the heart of everything the ASU does.

Safety standards, regulations and laws were first achieved through Union and workplace activism.

Some of the WHS issues that ASU members might come across are:

  • Fatigue due to sleep overs, shift work or long and unreasonable hours
  • Workplace bullying
  • Access to rest breaks
  • Working alone or in isolation
  • Vehicle safety
  • Stressful work and violent clients
  • Physical and/or emotional abuse
  • Burnout
  • Exposure to asbestos
  • Manual handling or lifting problems
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals or substances

Work Health Safety Reps

In Australia and South Australia we have strong and enforceable work safety laws which include the right for workers to have a say and raise safety issues, the right to elect a Health and Safety Representative who can raise safety issues directly with your employer or manager.

We’ve come a long way, but there is always a need for ongoing vigilance. Safety reps are a vital part of this.

If you want to elect a safety rep, are an elected safety rep or want to be one, then contact the ASU for information about your role and the process.

We have a network of ASU elected safety reps and we communicate regularly with them. Just contact us if you want to be part of this network.

Work Health Safety Resources

The ASU has a number of resources for Health + Safety Reps including:

WHS Handbook for community service workers

Working Alone handbook for isolated workers

training sessions

Workplace resources about workplace bullying

If you have a concern about your workplace safety, please contact the ASU on 8363 1322.

You can also report serious workplace injuries and incidents to Safework SA on 1800 777 209. This is a 24 hour service.