Workplace Reps

Workplace Leaders, or Workplace Reps are the foundation upon which our Union is built. Without active workplace leaders there is no Union.

Apart from the recognition they get from their workplace’s members (and, hopefully, their management!) Workplace Reps are formally endorsed by the Union’s Branch Council.

Workplace Reps are integral to our Union’s organising success because you are the premier conduit of information, ideas and advice to and from the Union office and our members and between the membership.

We need to ensure we have Workplace Reps wherever we can. There can be a number of Reps at worksites - its good to get a mix of young, and older workers, male and female etc.

The ASU provides training, resources and on-going support for our Workplace Reps.

Election of Reps

There is no standard procedure or form for conducting election of Workplace Reps, some workplaces will have more formal procedures than others. Ideally, all Workplace Reps should be elected by their membership and elections for Reps should be regularly held. Being elected gives a Rep authority and respect from both the membership and management.

Elections can be done by ballot or at a meeting of members.